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Food Handler Certification in McAllen Area or online

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Zepol Dietary Consults started providing consultant dietitian services in 1995 when a young  connsultant dietitian in McAllen (Patricia Lopez) decided to turn her passion for dietetics into an independent consulting office where she started with a few doctors that started sending her patients for diet instructions.   Then she started preparing menus and checking kitchen sanitation for a handful of Adult Day Care Centers.  During the first couple of years she was the consultant dietitian, secretary,  office manager , plumber, electrician and janitor.

After about 10 years in business,  Patricia started a new branch in Zepol Dietary Consults.  She started doing trainings for  Food Handler and Manager Certification in McAllen area .  She trained many instructors and then became   state recognized for her food sanitation program.

After more than 20 years,  Zepol Dietary Consults has more than  70 Adult Day Care centers throughout South Texas from Brownsville to San Antonio.    Zepol currently provides Food Handler and Food Manager certification which is approved in any City in Texas.  Zepol's registered and licensed dietitians are recognized and respected by most physicians and sanitation inspectors in South Texas.